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Tips for Decorating Your Dining Room


Dining rooms are often saved for entertaining or special occasions, but why not design it to be functional and welcoming for every day of the year? With these tips, you can turn your dining room into a space that thrives as a vital communal room in your home.

Base your plan on the primary purpose and placement of the room

Your dining room is going to have a specific character based on how it is laid out in the floor plan, and its placement in the house will help determine how and when you use it. For example, dining rooms with a walkway to other parts of the house should incorporate a round table to make traffic passing through easier. Dining rooms that are completely separate and are more formal look best with a long, grand table, while dining areas in houses with an open-concept floor plan tend to look best with a smaller table that seats six. 

Install a variety of lighting options to increase versatility

Lighting is crucial in a dining room, and it’s important to have options that can showcase your beautiful food for a fancy dinner party or create a soft, comfortable atmosphere for late-night conversations. Employ a mix of overhead, floor, and table lighting in different shades and brightness levels so that your room is ready for any occasion.

Mix and match your textures

Textural variety can take the decor of a dining room from an afterthought to standout. Via your choices of linens, placemats, runner, chargers, and accessories, you have the opportunity to turn your dining table into a visual feast that will delight your family and guests before the meal even arrives.

Use the walls to showcase your style

Many new homeowners start designing plans for the walls in their new bedrooms and living spaces as soon as they make an offer, but often the decor of the dining room walls is neglected. Don’t leave that space bare because it is one of the best ways to turn your dining room into an extension of your aesthetic style. Whether you choose wallpaper, texture, traditional art, family portraits, travel photography, or a mix of pieces, make sure your dining room walls are filled with items that say something about your family and your home.

Now that you know how to make your dining room functional and beautiful, the only thing left is to find the perfect home for your new designs! The beautiful homes in Beachwalk feature state-of-the-art dining rooms that can be used for everything from casual family snack time to formal dinner parties, and they are waiting for you to put your unique design spin on them. Contact a Beachwalk representative today to learn more about our distinctive neighborhoods, and to arrange a tour of your dream home today.