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Packing and Unpacking Tips That Save Time

Most people dread the moving process, but these simple tips will help you prepare you to get settled more quickly in your beautiful new home.

Pre-Move Preparation 

Before your packing or moving day even begins, there are several things you should do while still in your old home. First, in the weeks leading up to the move, begin collecting boxes, bags, packing material, rubber bands, and more to secure all your items. As moving day gets closer, you should start updating subscription and mailing services and forwarding utility information to your new address. 

Go through your belongings room by room

Make things easier on yourself by sorting and packing your belongings room by room. This will help you stay on schedule because you can keep track of how much progress you’ve made. Label each box clearly to remember what is inside and where it goes. Later, unpacking will be a breeze!

Pack your boxes for maximum density

Start by placing denser objects at the bottom to anchor the box. Put a layer of wrapping material on top of these, and then add an organizational separation tool if necessary. Then you can arrange lighter and more delicate items in the unused space. Keep small items like screws from large pieces of furniture together in a ziplock bag so as not to lose them in boxes.  

Load your car or van wisely

If you are packing your own car or moving van, remember to load heavier boxes in the back and on the bottom to distribute the weight safely. Pack any essential items last so that you can access them quickly.

Create an unpacking schedule

Create a feasible timeline for unpacking your boxes once you settle in your new home. Start with those essential items and move to the other rooms as needed. This will help you visualize the entire process and make it more manageable. Just think of how satisfied you will be once everything is in its proper place in your beautiful new space!

Stick with an organized process for packing and unpacking

Organization is paramount to moving success, so make a plan and stick with it. That way, you’ll be ready to enjoy, stress-free, all of the new features of your Beachwalk home and take advantage of the many community amenities such as the Crystal Lagoon and private beach as soon as you close. Contact us today to see what resort-style living will be like after you move into your new home in Beachwalk.