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How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of treating yourself to an indulgent spa experience, but what if you could have that without leaving the comfort of your own bathroom? Use these helpful tips to turn your bathroom into a temple of luxury and relaxation.

Introduce some soothing greenery

Getting back to nature is a tried and true method for relaxing, and many spas use this to their advantage by using a variety of plants and flowers to put their clients at ease. You can follow the same strategy in your home; just arrange some plants in inconspicuous areas in your bathroom, and soon you’ll feel like you’re luxuriating in a high-class day spa. If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, consider sticking to varieties that are easy to take care of, such as succulents.

Make space for pampering accessories with additional shelving

To create the perfect spa atmosphere, you will need some of the things that they have at spas, and that means that you need a place to keep them discreetly displayed but still easily accessible. By adding some open shelving, you can keep all of the lotions, oils, towels, and more that you need to truly pamper yourself within reach.

Indulge in some luxurious touches

Too much gilding throughout a home can make the atmosphere feel tacky, but your bathroom spa is one place where you can go for the gold. It is supposed to feel like a luxury retreat, after all, so feel free to add touches such as glimmering gold cabinet hardware, shiny faucets, and refined dispensers.

Take a look at your floors

In normal bathrooms, the floors are often an afterthought; you throw down a bath mat and never worry about it again. But as you create your spa environment, you have the opportunity to turn your bathroom floor into a transformative element. By adding a soft bathroom rug that covers a large area of the floor, you can indulge your feet and take your design to the next level.

Incorporate appropriate artwork

Many people don’t think about the bathroom when choosing artwork for their home, but adding the right pieces can bring the room to life and make it feel professionally decorated like the finest spas. Consider the tones and the subject matter: some bold and dramatic pieces that might make a statement over the living room mantle won’t have the tranquil effect you’re looking for in your home spa.

In order to create the perfect spa, you first have to find a home with the perfect bathroom. The homes at Beachwalk come standard with a variety of indulgent, spa-like features for the bathroom, so reach out to one of our representatives to discover more about how you can find a new home to turn into your personal retreat.