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How to Add Pops of Color to Your Home Interior

Adding bold colors throughout the home can be intimidating, especially in large, open spaces where it can be difficult to know where to begin without overwhelming the room. These tips will help you learn how to personalize your home by adding pops of color that will enhance any space.

Incorporate nature into your home

Flowers and plants are versatile and can be customized to suit your taste. Flowers provide stunningly vibrant color, but they can be expensive and don’t last long. You can also choose to opt for lower-maintenance houseplants instead. Natural colors and greenery are an inexpensive way to liven up a space. A low-maintenance alternative is silk flowers for a year-round “bloom” of bright colors.

Make a splash with colorful art

If you’re looking for interesting ways to add dramatic color to a room without changing the furniture, look to the walls instead. One of the most elegant and dramatic schemes you can give to a room is to keep most of your furnishings and accents monochromatic while choosing a large and colorful piece of art to anchor the space.

Build around a single accent color

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners often have is that they want to introduce color into their home, but are afraid of mixing and matching colors that will clash or bring out other unpleasant visual elements. One great strategy to combat this is to incorporate several smaller accent pieces in a room, but keep them tied to a similar color scheme. That way you won’t overwhelm the other elements, and you can see how different prices work together before committing to a full redesign.

Get color and texture from textiles

Bright textile pieces are the ultimate accessory for people who want to experiment with bold colors without locking themselves into a theme. Opting for a simple throw pillow or a blanket can help you visualize how a color would look as a dominant force in the room without having to go all in, and they add interesting textures to the space as well. If you decide you want to change your aesthetic, all you have to do is move it to a different room.

Color is a crucial aspect of interior decorating, and customizing color schemes can help you make your house feel like a home. If you’re ready to move into a space that you can make your own with colorful accents, now is the time to visit a model home at Beachwalk. Just imagine yourself in a beautiful new home that evokes your style, and gives you access to all of the incredible amenities that make resort-style living at Beachwalk so desirable.