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Hosting The Perfect BBQ


Summer may be nearing a close, but thanks to the beautiful Florida weather, the perfect time to host a BBQ is almost anytime year-round. But where do you start when planning a backyard bash with your closest friends and neighbors? Here are a few key hosting tips.

Prep the grill early

If you think you can fire up your grill and immediately start cooking on it, you’re going to end up with gray, overcooked food that lacks the signature char flavor that people love. Grills need adequate time to preheat before you can cook on them properly, so turn on your grill at least fifteen minutes before you plan to start cooking. That way you will have time for it to get hot and and your guests won’t be waiting for their food.

Create a killer playlist to anchor the mood

Every great BBQ needs a great playlist to help create the right atmosphere. You don’t want to have to keep pausing the music to select a new song or album every few minutes, so make sure you put together a playlist that will last for the entire event long before your guests arrive. Some homes have Bluetooth or other SmartHome technologies that you can sync your phone to so everyone feels like they have a frontrow seat to your playlist. 

Get some help from your friends by making it a potluck

If you’re having all of your friends and family over to your place, why not lighten your workload by asking them to bring their signature sides, desserts, or beverages. This adds to the feeling of community at your event. Just make sure that you know what everyone plans to bring beforehand to avoid too much overlap.

Set the stage with some decorative lights

Decorative lights are one of the least expensive ways to quickly enhance the look of your backyard. Just a few simple strands can make your outdoor area look like a chic event space. Now there are even numerous options for elegant solar-powered decorative lights that charge up during the day and come alive at night.

Finish off the festivities with a dessert bar

Why end your BBQ with one dessert when you can have several? Think of a few seasonal sweet treats that you can make in advance, and you’ll leave everyone with a lasting memory of your fantastic party.

Hosting the perfect BBQ begins with a home that has a great back porch or lanai, just like those featured on many of the homes throughout the neighborhoods of Beachwalk. Come visit one of our model homes today to picture what your friends and family would look like enjoying themselves on your beautiful lanai, and learn about all the incredible amenities available to Beachwalk residents and guests such as the Crystal Lagoon and members-only Beach Club.