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7 Benefits of New Construction Homes | Beachwalk St Johns County

7 Benefits of New Construction Homes

Choosing between a new construction home and an existing property is an important decision for many families. And while there’s no one right answer for everyone, you should consider these benefits of new construction when it comes time for you to choose.

Improved energy efficiency adds up to big savings

Energy-efficient materials and appliances have come a long way in recent years, to the point that even homes that are only a few years old are already lagging behind many new construction properties. Buying a new home now means you can save thousands in reduced energy costs as you maintain ownership.

Customize fixtures and details to suit your taste

When you buy a new construction home, you often have the opportunity to customize the home in a variety of ways, such as selecting cabinets, hardware, flooring materials, and more. This will save you the time and stress of renovating and changing existing design choices in an already existing home.

Enjoy the flexibility of modern floor plans

Floor plans that reflect contemporary living prioritize features such as open kitchens, large entertaining spaces, and spacious walk-in closets. Converting an older property to a floor plan that suits your lifestyle can mean costly renovations.

Enjoy peace of mind with warranties

New construction homes come with new appliances, HVAC systems, water heaters, and more. And with these new products come warranties, which can be a lifesaver in the event that something goes wrong. Warranties typically cost a few hundred dollars per appliance but can cover thousands of dollars in repairs or the cost of a full replacement. These warranties are an added safety net when you purchase a new construction home.

Smart technology often comes integrated

Smart home technology is becoming a desirable feature in both existing and new construction homes. Luckily, many new homes come with smart systems and appliances already integrated, which means you can have the convenience of smart home living without the headaches of upgrading an older property.  

Lower maintenance costs

Advanced building materials generally hold up better than their older counterparts, and modern systems have been created to work together seamlessly. In most new homes, you should be able to live for several years without undergoing any serious maintenance, barring unforeseen circumstances.

Proximity to community amenities

Another benefit of living in new construction is that many homes are built in planned communities that offer residents a variety of amenities. These features, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness centers, and on-site restaurants, provide year-round entertainment and convenience for your family.

If you’re ready to live next to world-class amenities and experience all of the other benefits of living in a new construction home, make a visit to Beachwalk. With five unique neighborhoods from four renowned builders and world-class amenities, you are sure to find the perfect home for you and your family. Contact us today to discover the best of resort-style living in St. Johns County.